•   Monday, 03 March 2014

    The art market at present

     An approach to the art market today: its influential factors and their components.

    "Art is nonmarket" Gerhard Richter

    We define the "market" as the virtual environment where supply and demand for a product operates. The art market like any other market is mainly based on this principle.

    The art market is composed of collectors, historians, auction houses, critics, gallery owners, managers, art consultants, museum directors dealers, curators. People that sometimes are more close to the financial side of the art world. The one that has less influence in this process is the artist.

    Art and the market always coexisted, however, in recent years there was a new phenomenon:

  •   Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    Underdevelopment, poverty and economy in Africa

     Unlike Asian countries, which in recent decades experienced a growing economy, Africa continues today with severe symptoms of underdevelopment.

    One of the most visible legacies left by colonialism in the continent, was to inherit a very small industry, with a clear predominance of extractive mining activities.
    Africa is a slightly industrialized continent where only 15% of workers are employed in the industrial sector, with only a few countries (Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco) which concentrate all of that activity. More than half of the workers are engaged in rural activities, with subsistence agriculture, having very backward and archaic techniques.
  •   Tuesday, 11 February 2014

    Can China become the first world’s economic potency?

     Economic changes occurred in Asia (specially in China, besides the four Asian tigers: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea) were one of the most relevant events of the second half of XX century.

    Even if it’s know that Mao Zedong was the founder of the Popular Republic of China, is its successor Deng Xiaoping the main leader of the reform that turned that country into the great economic and political potency it is today.

  •   Monday, 03 February 2014

    What is Leadership?

    In this article we present you different visions about leadership, and the importance of it’s characteristics

    Leadership certainly is seen as important for several organizations, and it’s recognized as a powerful tool to command people within an organization, but certainly it’s defined within a romantic vision of what a leader represents.

    Overall, romantic vision of leadership is based on

    • Charisma

    • Power

    • Influence

    Let’s take a look at those.  

  •   Wednesday, 22 January 2014

    How to complement printed advertisement with digital advertisement.

    digital and printed advertisements

    We are going to give you some tips to complement your printed advertisement and take it to the digital world for free.   

    It’s not necessary to compete with something that you can use at your favor. With Digital era, several possibilities appeared that can give life to your printed advertisement.

    Let’s see some choices.

    1 - You can register in Tuugo, add information on Your Business Profile, and complete it with all your Products and Services. Then you can put that link on your Advertisement.

    2 - Along with your Advertisement, you can place a QR Code. With this, a person can scan the code with the smartphone or tablet, and obtain more information about your business directly and instantly.

    But, what is a QR code anyway?

    It’s a system that allows to gather information, similar to a last generation barcode. With the help of a smartphone or tablet (and an app) we can retrieve this information just by pointing the camera towards the QR code.

    If you want to create one, you can try it here: http://goqr.me/

    The usage of the code is very wide, you can place photos, videos, text, links to social networks and more. Relies on your creativity to know how to take advantage of it.

    3 - You can create a website (there are a lot of sites in which you can create one yourself), and place the link on the advertisement. In the website you can expand the information, and with the e-commerce sell your products or services.

    4 - And you can do all of them together

    Definitely, printed advertisement can be much more effective if it is complemented with digital advertisement, and nowadays there are no problems to achieve it.  

    Do you know any other alternatives to complement printed advertisement? If you do know, share them! It will be helpful for other users.



    André Duarte - Tuugo Blog Team  - Communications Sciences School student - Universidad de la República.



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