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Smith & Miller Funeral Home
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    About Us

    Smith & Miller Funeral Home offers personalized services to create a healing end-of-life ceremony for the friends and family of the deceased. The licensed funeral directors are here to support you during this sensitive time. When you are navigating life after a loss, the process of planning can feel overwhelming. Allow the funeral planning team to lighten the burden and take care of all of the details. This program is about love, healing, and life celebration and should not add one bit of stress to your full plate. When you think a request may be too out of the box, let the team take it on and implement whatever you wish into the end-of-life service of your loved one.

    Smith & Miller Funeral Home offers pre-planning funeral services. Sit down with the planning team to select burial or cremation, caskets or urns, memorials, grave markers, veteran services, and more. When you carefully make these decisions well in advance, your family can be saved from loads of stress when you eventually pass away. Plan for a full-service funeral with a visitation, graveside ceremony, and reception. Or skip all the events and go straight to immediate burial. Cremation with a memorial ceremony is a popular option for those who would like to arrange a gathering for friends near and far. Alternatively, direct cremation at the self-owned crematory is an affordable cremation without a service. You can also opt for ash scattering services. The team has options available to fit any budget

    Whether you choose cremation or burial, you can follow a life celebration model. For example, maybe you want to honor your loved one in a celebratory manner, playing their favorite music, displaying sports memorabilia, and connecting with family and friends.

    Smith & Miller Funeral Home invests in the families of Cedartown, Esom Hill, Lake Creek, Antioch, Silver Creek, Prior Station, Lime Branch, Fish Creek, Lindale, and Felton. Grief resources are available to guide you through this challenging time.

    Are you ready to start pre-planning? Smith & Miller Funeral Home can guide you through early plans or urgent plans. The funeral home is located at 1000 N Main St Cedartown, GA 30125. Call now to get started: (678) 901-1234.

1000 N Main St, 30125
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Smith & Miller Funeral Home1000 N Main St30125CedartownGeorgia(678) 901-1234 (678) 623-5727
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