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    We are a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices. Trackimo aspire to transform business models through the development of customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and are user friendly, used globally with enhance security and reliability.

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  •  Evaluations of Trackimo (22):
    •    leah.contreras

      I am so happy that I got this. I travel a lot. This stays with me. I attach this to my travel bags/luggage. It tells me where my vehicle; backpack; suitcase; etc is. It shows a lot of information and it's easy to read all of them. Highly recommend.

    •    ethanperez

      I can’t believe how well this tiny device works. True value is hard to find but this product exceeds my expectations. I get real time data and positioning. If the vehicle leaves my defined area I get a notification. I can also track every detail of every trip this vehicle makes and all for the one time cost. I am more than pleased. Vehicle tracking at its best!

    •    byronbonds

      I purchased this for our daughter right after she obtained her license. There are some things I'd tweak if I could, but overall it's a great tool in assisting drivers to become more aware of their driving habits. This would be a great addition to an elderly person's vehicle who is starting to show signs of dementia, as it would provide a gauge for their loved ones to follow.

    •    tiffanywoodson37

      This device solves my problem of tracking my car in a parking lot. Also, to track my car if it ever gets stolen or borrowed. Easy to install and easy to set up.

    •    graceleeper86

      So far, I can say that the device is very easy to use and its website is easy to navigate and explore. all the more the mobile app where most of the tracker's functionality relies on.

    •    clinton.jordan23

      Bought a tracking device since its features were all I need and it's because it is best to mount a tracking device to it for close monitoring since drones tend to flyaway sometimes and end up crashing.

    •    zsalinas889

      Good thing the price wasn't as major compared to other tracking devices sold in the market. Fast delivery of package from the time I ordered online having shipped it to my residence in a few days time.
      The price wasn't as intimidating as other tracking devices sold in the market. It was easy for me to receive the package from the time I ordered online having shipped it to my residence. Confident about having done my research on GPS tracking devices, comparing them to prices of other trackers.

    •    shirleyb

      I originally plan to purchase this for my cat, but it turned out to be a bit big and heavy for my small cat, so I gave this to my grandmother instead, and I'm very pleased to know her where about, a great sense of security and safeness, great item for a very reasonable price.

    •    joealtman

      This tracker is what I have been using at this time since I couldn't afford other tracking devices.
      Surprisingly this tracking device gave accurate locations of where my drone and dogs are at the time I mounted this on them.

    •    nicole465

      This device is very user-friendly. The product activation/ registration is very easy and straightforward. I use it for travel luggage even in a vehicle. The service cost is cheap(it is free for the first year and $5 per month after that). The location tracking is accurate and it works worldwide. If you have items of value you care about this is what you need.

    •    ryanolivas

      I got this Trackimo device for my brand new motorcycle. It comes with the little device, a charging cord, and the device needed to connect it to a power source for constant charging. Installation to the motorcycle took about 5 minutes and has worked excellent so far. I have set safe zones at my house and at my school and the device notifies me through the app whenever it leaves either of those places. I can also get movement alerts in case someone is messing with my bike.

    •    leahstumpf

      Trackimo's got a low monthly cost - Only $5 per month after a year free. It does offer the lowest monthly service cost of any consumer tracking device worldwide. The SOS button activates the location of the target that I see through an app notification, email, or text. Gives coordinates on the web browser through maps on the app. Everything is detailed. The websits is easy to get around. The company's product works on 3G GPS-GSM which makes it very convenient.

    •    ashleygray920

      Having done my research on GPS tracking devices, comparing them to prices of other trackers, I found this to be the best! Functions as expected and I bought it at a reasonable price and am relieved to know that the monthly charges are manageable after the first year free. I did look into their website and was surprised that it was easy to go through. This goes well with their user-friendly app!

    •    jakejhonson44

      We bought this to keep track of our 16 yr. old son's car and works just great. We need to have some piece of mind when he's on the road or if in case the car goes missing. I now get alerts when the car leaves the set geo-fence zone when he exceeds the speed limit we've set and can locate him anytime, anywhere. This has proven to be a very wise purchase. We have had the product for almost 2 months and have not been disappointed, we highly recommend this.

    •    coxabby71

      I like how the Trackimo's website is easy to navigate and informative. The device lives longer than expected 2-hour life span. It does give accurate locations and can do so even per minute.

      Works on 3G GPS-GSM and gets mounted on the drone without worries. Customer support can respond to client's concerns, even for issues that hasn't been met by my friends.

    •    sarahhobson906

      I have a rescued pet. At times he tend to escape off the leash, I don't want to lose him because he'd suffered enough. So I got this Trackimo pet tracker to make sure I keep an eye on him better. The app makes it easy to locate him and the geofence feature helps too. Great pet tracker!

    •    morganeric122

      Purchased this device for my drone as a precaution. Works well enough, tracks the location using GPS and I can check the flight history.

    •    rilywilliams31

      So I got the Trackimo Guardian, unpackaged it and ran it for the first time! Benefitting from this when I'm free of any charges in a year's time before paying the low monthly fee. Works really well!

    •    cr1839885

      My son just started driving so I bought Trackimo to keep track of his car location and driving speed. This little device is just so helpful keeping an eye on his behavior on the road.

    •    natnatroswell22

      I've been travelling and got myself a Trackimo Guardian GPS Tracker. I like this small GPS that I use to keep track of my luggage and important belongings. Easy access to your history and works worldwide. Traveler must have!

    •    codeymclaughlin88

      I just bought my new DJI Phantom 4 and partnered it with this trackimo gps tracker. The tracking device is small enough for the drone, its functions and features are good, real-time tracking and affordable plus the long battery life. Perfect drone tracking device.

    •    donnaeastman

      I love my dog so much and I want to keep her safe. So I bought a trackimo gps tracker for her in case she got lost or something, i want to find her as soon as possible. My brother recommend me this device and I like it a lot, It really helps a lot for me and my pet.



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